Procurati provide an innovative and scalable platform for building and operating professional governance practices for information management, quality and content management systems like Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Office 365.

We specialize in helping clients define, reach and maintain compliance levels and we are a thought leader in SharePoint and Office 365 governance. Since we introduced SharePoint Governance Framework in 2008 our methodology and tools have been used by companies worldwide to structure hundreds of governance initiatives.

We offer a cloud based platform for governance and quality management. The platform is integrated into Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365, and can be used to drive compliance in any application and scenario.

Procurati Governance System is available both for cloud and on premise use.

We have a team of very experienced consultants, that work with companies of all sizes to implement effective and scalable governance practices.

With our partners we engage in projects all over the world.

We offer training and Master Classes for governance professionals.

The role model from SharePoint Governance Framework clearly define roles and responsibilities for effective governance practices and we offer tailored training for each role.

Governance for Microsoft SharePoint on premise

The complete platform for maintaining a professional governance practice for business critical information management and quality management systems. Available for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016.

Governance for Microsoft Office 365 and cloud

Are you using Microsoft Office 365? Procurati Governance System is available for Office 365 and you have all the controls and tools you need to maintain full compliance in the cloud.

Get professional training and engage with our experts

We offer training and Governance Master Classes. And we have experienced consultants to help you build a succesful governance practice and drive compliance.

Organizations are relying on information management to work. No matter what IT system an organization have installed, the governance of information; how it is used and by whom, can have significant impact on the ability to meet business goals. Procurati is all about Information and Technology Governance. The importance of IT governance is connected to the ongoing need – within organizations – to focus value creation efforts on strategic objectives and to better manage the performance of those responsible for creating this value in the best interest of stakeholders. Or said differently; Making sure everyone is doing the right thing at the right time! This is not an easy task and no single person or department can do it alone. Governance is a process that involves everyone within an organization. That’s why your governance practice need to be visible and relevant.
Good Governance Practices will not only minimize risk, but also strengthen productivity and growthAnders B. SkjĂžnaa, CEO
For Information Management and Quality Management, our business value driven methodology for practicing governance is unique. The Information Governance Framework define taxonomy, roles and responsibilities for managing even complex portfolios of applications, systems and procedures. Our Governance System software, makes governance an integrated part of your daily tasks, with automated controls and policies, available where they are needed.

Procurati specialize in governance for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365. Thousands of organizations are using these technologies to share information and collaborate to meet business goals. The massive adoption of SharePoint technology have driven a need for solid governance practices, and Procurati have the solution.

Not sure how to go about governance for SharePoint?
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